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2015 Legislative Session

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The 2015 Legislative Session Wrap-Up
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Plan to attend our Legislative Wrap-Up Meeting on Thursday, August 13th at Five Happiness - see details in Upcoming Events on homepage.
Session Enters Final Week
LSMS sponsored legislation HB 843, formerly HB 573, by Rep Chris Hazel was very busy at the capital this week.

On Wednesday, HB 843 was reported without objection out of the Senate Commerce Committee. Vice President of Governmental Affairs Jennifer Marusak and Vice President of Legal Affairs Wes Hataway provided extensive testimony on the critical need of this legislation to ensure due process rights for physicians. With the support of the LSMS, several amendments were made to the bill that bolster the intent of the legislation including mandating a review process by the LSBME Board before a formal investigation can move forward, requiring a burden of proof (preponderance of evidence) for prosecution of a complaint, and creating an appropriate separation of powers by precluding the executive director from also serving as the lead investigator on a case. For more information on the revised bill please click here

The next stop was the Senate Finance committee yesterday evening to discuss a fiscal note associated with implementation of the bill. Thankfully all of the funds are self-generated and do not require any state general funds. We are very happy to report it was also reported out of committee without objection.

The last stop for this bill on the Senate side is a vote of the full Senate which could happen as soon as Monday. Please take a moment and respond to our call to action and ask your Senator to support physician due process rights and vote yes on HB 843.

Week 1 - April 20th 
Support HB 573 by Rep. Chris Hazel
This bill puts in place puts in place a clear and transparent process for filing, addressing, and finalizing complaints with LSBME. 
Most other professions have their timelines and processes published.  With HB 573, the LSMS is simply attempting to do the same for physicians. 
May 12
The LSMS has requested important legislation this legislative session to put much needed due process rights in place for Louisiana physicians. House Bill 573 by Rep. Chris Hazel and co-authored by Rep. Frank Hoffmann and Rep. Katrina Jackson, puts in place an organized process for filing, addressing, and finalizing complaints with the LSBME. Most other professions have their timelines and processes published. The LSMS is simply attempting to do the same for physicians.
We need your help! HB 573 is scheduled to be heard in the House Health and Welfare Committee, next Wednesday, May 13. Please ask the committee members to vote YES on HB 573.

House Health & Welfare - Local Members

Representative (District)

Phone  --  Fax            


Walt Leger III  (91)

(504)556-9970(504)556-9970 -- (504)556-9972(504)556-9972

Scott Simon  (74)

(985)893-6246(985)893-6246 -- (985)893-6247(985)893-6247

Julie Stokes  (79)

(504)468-8603(504)468-8603 -- (504)468-8605(504)468-8605

Thomas Willmott (92)

(504)465-3479(504)465-3479 -- (504)465-3481(504)465-3481

Louisiana physicians cannot afford to wait any longer to be afforded due process rights.

Watch for regular updates by email or fax or login and visit the Advocacy page of the LSMS website

Members can watch the Video Updates Below
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Archived 2012 Session Wrap-Up
Additionally, the LSMS won some hard-fought battles against a few bills that threatened physician-led medicine.
In the final days of the 2012 legislative session, lawmakers came to terms and agreed to use one-time funds to cover the shortfalls in the state's budget. Physicians will still see a slight decrease in their reimbursements; however the use of these funds means that physicians will see approximately a 3.7 percent decrease, instead of nearly a 10 percent reduction. Primary care physicians are exempt from these cuts, since they are mandated by federal law to receive reimbursements at a rate of 100 percent of Medicare.
Senate Bill 320 by Senator Martiny (R-Metairie) requires that when certain non-physician healthcare providers use the title of Doctor or the abbreviation "Dr." in any manner while providing direct patient care, that they clearly identify their roles. Dr. Neil Wolfson outlines LSMS concerns in this video, following his testimony in front of the House Health & Welfare Committee today. The bill passed unanimously out of committee.
On December 23rd, the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate passed legislation that includes a two-month extension of emergency federal unemployment benefits and a delay in implementation of the 27.4 percent Medicare physician payment cut scheduled for January 1st.                
A House-Senate conference committee will convene this month to work on a longer-term agreement. At a press conference, Speaker Boehner said the goal is to extend all the expiring programs for a full year, except for the physician payment cut reprieve which is to be extended for two years.
The SGR is Bad Math
Louisiana physicians are not alone in wanting stability for seniors and military families.  Congress must stop compromising access to care for patients and give us a permanent solution to the way Medicare pays physicians. 
Click the picture below for the story
"medicine cannot absorb further cuts"!!
See the latest Legislative updates on the LSMS' YouTube Channel.  Calls to action will be shared through Twitter. Follow @LaMedSoc / @JeffMedical or contact JPMS at with your questions. 
Although all Louisiana Senators and Representatives voted against the health care reform bill, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is now the law of the land and the implementation and regulation phase has begun.  President Obama acknowledges that the task of reforming the nation’s health care system is not finished.  Of note, physicians are still pursuing a permanent resolution for the flawed Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) physician payment formula under Medicare.  Congress extended the 2009 payment rates until May 31st so we still do not have a long-term solution that will replace the faulty formula Medicare uses to pay doctors.  JPMS will remain vigilant and seek ways to correct the flaws through the implementation process. 
We need your help to convince Congress to fix Medicare. U.S. Senators Landrieu and Vitter and Representatives Scalise, Cao, and Melancon need to hear from you and your patients. 
A coalition of medical societies has mounted an effort to advocate for a permanent fix to the SGR and to oppose Medicare cuts. Please sign the petition designed to communicate this message to Congress.  Ask your friends and patients to sign as well.
“Please fix Medicare by developing a rational Medicare physician payment system that automatically keeps up with the cost of running a practice and is backed by a fair, stable funding formula.”


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Physicians and guests enjoyed bowling, food and good music on
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ith comments on national issues by Dr. Bill Cassidy
Tuesday August 20, 2013

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2013 Annual Meeting of the LSMS
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ROCK-N-BOWL Memories

2015 Board

Dr. Beau Raymond passes the gavel to new President, Dr. Ralph Katz
The 2015 Board was formally installed
  on Friday, January 16th
New Orleans Lakefront Airport Terminal
A Special Thank You to Our 2015 Sponsors

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Information on Emergency Preparedness

 HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS - June 1st. marks the beginning of another hurricane season for the Eastern United States.

Information for Physicians & Patients

Are you ready for a Hurricane Emergency? 

1. First assure the safety of your family and property.  You can better respond to the disaster if you know that your family is safe.

2. Have a response plan prepared for your practice. When will you close and open your practice? How will you protect your paper and electronic records?  Is there sufficient insurance coverage for the physical assets of the practice? Is there business interruption coverage? Contact JPMS for a list of areas to consider when making a plan.  Register with JPAlert and consider registering with the JumpStart Business Community Network to communicate with your patients in the event of an evacuation.  Create a profile on
3. Assist your patients, especially the frail elderly or oxygen dependent.  Ask them about their plans.  Will they evacuate, shelter at home, or need a shelter? Remind your patients to keep a two-week supply of chronic medications.  Contact JPMS for your free supply of Medifile cards, a wallet sized card for patients to record basic medical information.
Re-entry following an Evacuation:

Have you obtained a reentry placard to return to your practice following a hurricane evacuation?  If not visit to apply.

If you are not expected at the hospital, consider volunteering at a special care shelter. Both Jefferson Parish and Orleans Parish have established a Medical Reserve Core where you or members of your family or office staff can register to assist the returning population following an evacuation. 

Contact JPMS for more information (504) 455-8282(504) 455-8282 or
CLICK HERE to visit LSMS' Health Care Disaster Planning Website

List of Local Legislators

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Call: (225) 342-2040


Call:   (225) 342-6945





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List of Local Legislators

Here is a complete list of your local Legislators along with their email addresses.



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